Homemade Mocha Recipe

Girls movie night out, special weekend, here is an easy recipe your guests can't resist. 100% homemade.


(serving for 3)



3 spoons of organic Haitian coffee rebo. (Coffee for sale on our website)

9 spoons of Nesquick chocolate (or 4 pack of swiss miss chocolate)

1 table spoon of vanilla extract

Sprinkles of cinnamon powder 

12 oz serving glass

half glass of skim milk

1/4 glass of condensed carnation milk

half glass of water




prepare the coffee, using the half glass of water (6 0z).

once the coffee is over add the cocoa powder, the cinnamon, the vanilla extract, and the milk to it. It should be cool enough to blend. Blend the mixture and leave it in the fridge for at least 15 minutes. (blend it with some ice cubes if you don't have enough time to leave it in the fridge)


For the creamy top, just blend the ice cubes with the condensed milk.


To serve it pour the coffee mixture in the glass and pour the blended condensed milk afterward. Add a straw  et voila!

Tip: I like to use transparent glass. It allows you to see the dark mocha and the creamy top! enjoy!