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Haitian Hot Chocolate - Caribbrew Haitian Hot Chocolate - Caribbrew Haitian Hot Chocolate - Caribbrew Haitian Hot Chocolate - Caribbrew
Haitian Hot Chocolate - Caribbrew Haitian Hot Chocolate - Caribbrew Haitian Hot Chocolate - Caribbrew Haitian Hot Chocolate - Caribbrew

Haitian Hot Chocolate

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 Creamy, aromatic hot chocolate is a staple drink in Haiti. Our chocolate mix will surely deliver a silky drinking experience that will satisfy your palette. Caribbrew partners with associations of cacao farmers in the town of Limonade, Haiti to create sustainable income and produce the best chocolate. You can add this mix to your favourite smoothie or ice cream, or simply make a velvety cup of hot chocolate. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

 Bag: 12 oz

Ingredients: Haitian cacao, cinnamon, anise

Unsweetened - Pure cacao (not instant).

Easy to make. Check out the 3rd picture for the recipe.



2 tablespoons of Caribbrew’s chocolate mix 1 cup of water ½ cup of milk Salt Sugar
Haitian cacao , cinnamon, anise
FAQs -
Does it contain sugar ? No the haitian hot chocolate is unsweetned Is it instant ? No it is not, pure cacao
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Shipping Policy We ship first class under 1 lb and priority mail over 1 lb with the post office. Product will be shipped around 2 days after purchase, and it will take maximum 2 weeks to get yo you! We take returns on unopened packages.

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Check out this video, and get to know us. When you choose Caribbrew, you can feel good about making a difference because you really are!

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Customer reviews

This is the most amazing thing I have ever put on my body! The level of cleanliness and moisturization is top notch to any product I have ever used!

The scrub smells divine as it promises. It feels like I am indulging at home, as if I were in a spa, in my bathtub, using this scrub. I will definitely be purchasing it again!

I am a huge fan of this coffee! I just made my second purchase. You can say you love a product all day but if you’re not buying it, you’re just making noise!

This coffee just helped me fall in love further more with my Haitian heritage! I had my parents tried it, and they said it reminded them of their childhood in Haiti! I am so happy to support this brand!

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Lydia Dailey
Delicious Hot Chocolate

I truly enjoyed my cups of hot chocolate with my favorite sweetners and milk added. It has a rich chocolatey taste that I truly enjoy and will add in my chocolate cake recipe. I will definitely purchase again. Thank you for sharing this chocolatey delight!!

Niva Joseph

Thank you so much good products!!

Leni Syadro

Haven’t tasted Haitian hot chocolate since I left Haiti. This was perfect and less work to make.

Sherlyne A

The hot chocolate is delicious. just like what I'm used to but with less time to make. The price is reasonable. the taste is right on. Will highly recommend it.

Renee R.
Bon Chokola

The hot cocoa tastes just like my mother's; delicious. Rich and potent like the bar, but with less residue. It reminds me of the good old times when I was a little girl and special occasions like communion receptions. I prepare it the same way as my mother. The key to great flavor is boiling the water with a fresh cinnamon stick; grate fresh nutmeg, add carnation milk, sugar, add a pinch of salt, and finish it off with Haitian vanilla extract. I love it so much that I bought additional packages to give as a gift. Thank you, CariBBrew.