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Dark Roast Premium Haitian Coffee
Dark Roast Premium Haitian Coffee
Dark Roast Premium Haitian Coffee
Dark Roast Premium Haitian Coffee - Caribbrew
Dark Roast Premium Haitian Coffee

Dark Roast Premium Haitian Coffee

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Elevation: 4000 - 5000 feet

Method: Washed 

Beans: Premium Arabica Beans, Single Origin - Haiti

Roast Level: Dark

 This coffee is what you get served when visiting a Haitian household or at a beach resort in Haiti's finest coastal destinations.

Dark and aromatic and heavy bodied, it is less acidic and less bitter than most darker roasts. This is coffee is loved by many coffee connoisseurs. 

Caribbrew is dedicated to providing the finest shade grown, chemical-free Arabica coffee. Our coffee is grown by small scale farmers in Haiti and freshly roasted.

We are committed to fair business partnerships that support the poorest communities. Our "fair trade plus' approach enables families to gain access to better food, health care, and education.

This blend is made of the best Arabica Beans. It is a strong coffee full of flavor and with very little acidity.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

 FYI: the coffee will come in a slightly different packaging. Be patient with us until we post the final product pictures. 


Customer Reviews

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Dark without being heavy or woodsy, this coffee blend is very good for my family

Tasty no matter how it's brewed

I like to use different methods: pour over drip, stove top espresso or espresso machine and regular drip coffeemaker. No matter which way I brew the freshly ground beans, this coffee has a mild, smooth taste with no bite at all. Combined with fluffed up half & half, it's a treat at any time of the day. Thank you for providing such a wonderful blend of fresh coffee beans. I look forward to sampling your other varieties.


That coffee is the real deal man! Every cup take back home. Just the smell makes me happy.

So happy with this coffee

This is a perfect roast, Neither too bitter nor too dark. I use it as my daily morning brew, and can’t praise it enough.

Love this coffee

Bold and smooth, no more drinking brown water for me, this is real coffee