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  • Non GMO, No additive. Chemical-Free
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Most mass-produced coffees are blended with chemicals and Additives… Time for you to make the switch

Coffee at its purest is delicious, clean, smooth, not acidic. The best tasting coffee, is the purest coffee! No bitter or acidic aftertaste, no crash, no acid reflux.

Lucky fo us Haiti's coffee has been untouched by chemical for the past 200 years, grown in the lush tropics, at high elevation, sun-dried and handpicked, this is not your regular cup of joe. It is the simplest, purest, tastiest coffee ever!

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Over 200,000+ satisfied customers

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Here are more Qualities
of this coffee:

1- Stomach Friendly 

Many people love coffee but suffer from an upset stomach after their first cup. Long are the days when you can't enjoy a nice cup of coffee!  

  Our coffee is Gentle on the stomach""Easy to digest""Low acidity""Mild and soothing""Non-irritating""Smooth and mellow""Doesn't cause discomfort". In a few words, it is "Perfect for sensitive stomachs. 

2- Single Origin

Most of the coffee in retail stores is a blend of beans from various plants and countries around the world. With blends, you might get pesticide-soaked beans or under-dried, toxin-filled lighter roast beans mixed with premium ones. Our Single Origin coffee ensures you get what you deserve - simply the best. Every bag of this coffee, however, is guaranteed single origin from Thiotte, a remote town in the south-east of Haiti.

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3- No Crash Guaranteed - Slow Release 

Grown at 6000 feet, high elevation produces coffee that doesn't cause you to crash, slow absorbing caffeine!
Caribbrew coffee is slow-release, so you won't experience a sudden caffeine rush that leads to a crash. Our coffee has a smooth, well-balanced flavor that won't leave you feeling jittery like other brands on the market. Experience Premium coffee with us!

4- Shade Grown 

This method of cultivation is known to promote biodiversity, protect the soil and water resources, and preserve the habitat of many bird and animal species. Caribbrew's coffee was cultivated under a natural canopy of trees, without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Caribbrew is proud to support this method of production since it benefits the local biodiversity and ecosystem.

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5- No BS, Pure Coffee

It's your afternoon or after dessert coffee!

There Is More!

1- More than fair trade coffee

This one is special for Caribbrew; it is the essence of the brand. At our core, the company was founded to provide a better living condition for Haitian farmers, and we live by that every day. 

When you drink Caribbrew, you help guarantee that Haitian farmers receive a fair price (over the market rate) for their coffee, which is higher than the volatile market prices. This allows them to invest in their businesses and improve their living conditions.

Moreover, Caribbrew goes beyond the fairtrade model to provide technical trainings to empowers these communities and ensures that 40% of its farmers are women.

2- Proudly Black-Owned and Woman-led

3- High Altitude Coffee

High Altitude Coffee Is Typically Above 3,000 Feet (900 Meters) Above Sea Level. Caribbrew Coffee Is Grown In The Mountain Of Thiotte Sitting At 4000+ Ft. Here Is What You Will Experience:

Slow ripening: At higher altitudes, the temperature is cooler, and the air is thinner, which means that the coffee plants grow more slowly. This slow growth allows the coffee cherries to ripen more slowly, resulting in more complex and developed flavors 

Higher quality beans: Coffee beans grown at high elevations tend to be denser and harder, which can result in a more flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee 

4- Sun dried  & chemical Free

Sun Dried coffee has been a common practice in Haiti for centuries; It is an important part of the cultural heritage of our coffee-growing communities. Moreover, it allows for a slower and more gradual drying process, which enhances the flavor of the coffee. 

On another end, it is a more environmentally friendly method of drying coffee compared to other drying methods that require electricity or fuel. it produces less greenhouse gas emissions and has a lower carbon footprint

Caribbrew Coffee is grown using natural methods that promote soil health and biodiversity, such as using compost and other natural fertilizers, rotating crops, and controlling pests with natural methods like using predatory insects. This method of coffee farming prohibit the use of harmful chemicals and protect the environment while producing high-quality coffee beans 

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5- Specialty Beans 

Unlike some other coffee brands, you can rest assured that these beans have been evaluated and rated by trained professionals (certified Q graders) , who consider factors such as flavor, aroma, acidity, body, and aftertaste. Our Coffee is roasted in small batches to preserve quality and freshness;

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