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Haitian Coffee, Pearl of the Caribbean

Haitian Coffee

picture credit: Lissa Mathieu (@Iamplusblog)


In Haiti, coffee is the most popular drink to offer visitors. When visiting someone, you usually say Bonjour or Bonswa (good morning or good evening).

Once you sit down, they offer you water if it's hot, then coffee! 

Here are some fun facts about Haitian coffee
In the 1800s Haiti used proceeds from the coffee sale to pay France's unjust indemnity, but today selling our coffee can be a pillar for economic development

In the 1960's, Haiti was a major coffee producer on the international market

Haiti's mountainous mountain 🏔 landscape and warm climate makes it ideal to grow top premium arabica coffee beans

Haitian coffee beans

picture credit: Caribbrew

Caribbrew pays our partners ( aka our farmers) 50% above market rate and twice the fairtrade minimum rate

picture credit: Caribbrew

 Help us revive Haiti's coffee industry and share our delicious coffee with the world! Each purchase makes a difference! 


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