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Orders within the United States usually arrive within 7 days. Please keep in mind that Federal Holidays and weekends can delay the ETA; and allow 2 days for fulfilment in addition to the post office time.

Yes, you can. You can pay for next day delivery, but please email us, so we make sure your order gets out asap.

Please contact us if any of these occur. Our team will be more than happy to assist

Although the coffee is grown organically, we are in the process of getting our USDA organic certification before we can make the claim

Yes we have both!

Not yet, but we are working on it.

No, not yet, But we are working on it :)

It is easy and simple. Just put a 2 oz filter bag in 16 oz of water and let it stay overnight (at least 16 hours) for cold brew. For regular (hot) brew, pour hot water on the 2 oz bag and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes before removing it. Check out this video for more details.

We can assure you that the coffee is not old or dried out! Not shiny does not mean fresh, as a matter of fact it's quite the opposite.

Beans release their oil overtime, so the longer they have been sitting on the shelves, the oilier they will get until the beans release all their oil.

All beans have oil, the lighter roasts have their oils inside of the beans not on the surface yet, so the longer they are roasted, the more oils melt and come out of it, making it shinier. That is why darker roasts will be more oily/shiny due to their longer exposure to heat during roasting.

Large commercial coffee roasters usually have shinier beans because they roast large volume at high temperature to make the process faster, which means maximizing profit. When the beans release all their oils from roasting, their flavors will not last long either.

Yes, we are! We are Haitian and black owned with a female founder

We moved to Passaic, NJ from Newark. We currently do not do pick up.

Not yet. Hopefully in the future.


How to use Beans Points? 

In order to use your beans points, you'll need to follow these steps: 
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3- Go to the home Page
4- Click the gift icon on the left bottom of your screen
5-  Choose your reward