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Why we do what we do? 60% of Haitians live under $5/day

Yesterday hundreds of factory workers took the streets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti to demand $15/day compared to the current wage of $5/day! Yes $5/day!

​Caribbrew pays above the fairtrade minimum. While most coffee companies pay $1.75/lb to earn their fairtrade label, we are paying close to $4/lb to the farmers! 

​It's a collective effort between our supporters, our team in Haiti and in the U.S., and the farming cooperatives in Haiti to raise the standards of living for our Haitian brothers and sisters.

​As we celebrate Black History Month, we need to ask ourselves how can we amplify our efforts to benefit the entire African Diaspora?

​Caribbrew is not only black owned at the "corporate level" but the farms we sourced our coffee from are black owned, the shipping company we work with from Haiti to NJ is black owned.

​The more we can keep the principle of Ujima, which focuses on collective work and responsibility to uplift our community, the more positive impact we can have in our community and beyond! 


​Image from Reuters

News Source: Haitian Garment Workers Protest to Demand Higher Wages | World News | US News


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