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🎁 The best gift for the Holiday season


🎁 The best gift for the Holiday season

The number one solution to prevent stretch marks

The number one solution to prevent stretch marks

98% of women get stretch marks after pregnancy; this is due to rapid weight change, skin dryness, skin elasticity, and other factors. With this in mind we create…….allow women to prevent stretch marks by keeping their skin moisturized and rejuvenated during pregnancy and after childbirth!

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Our skin consists of 3 layers

1. Epidermis (surface layer)
2. Dermis (middle layer)
3. Hypodermis (bottom layer)

What most people don't know is that stretch marks are tears in the skin that happen at the dermis or middle layer of the skin.

Unfortunately, most stretch mark lotions, creams, and oils can't penetrate deeply enough into the skin to reach the dermis. Instead, they simply sit on top of the skin.

So we decided to implement a solution that would solve this problem.


Scrub-a-dub-dub your way to smoother, glowing skin during your pregnancy and beyond!

A luscious body scrub + body butter formulation that deeply moisturizes and pampers your skin as it buffs the dead skin away. Nourishing shea butter and protective coconut oil come together to protect your skin from extreme dryness and soften it, making it elastic and less prone to stretch marks.

With energizing and gently exfoliating ingredients like pure Haitian coffee and cane sugar, it keeps your skin bump-free and smooth for a sweet afterglow you will be obsessed with.

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Coconut Rum - Moisturizing Haitian Coffee Scrub - Caribbrew
Coconut Rum - Moisturizing Haitian Coffee Scrub - Caribbrew
Coconut Rum - Moisturizing Haitian Coffee Scrub - Caribbrew
Coconut Rum - Moisturizing Haitian Coffee Scrub - Caribbrew
Coconut Rum - Moisturizing Haitian Coffee Scrub - Caribbrew
Coconut Rum - Moisturizing Haitian Coffee Scrub - Caribbrew

Moisturizing Haitian Coffee Scrub!

  • ☕ Reducing the appearance of cellulite
  • 🍹 Naturally exfoliates dead skin
  • 🥥  Protects the skin from irritation
  • 💛 Speeds up skin regeneration
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See the results for yourself

You too can achieve these results in just a few weeks.

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Haitian Coffee Grounds


Fine Cane Sugar


Coconut Oil


Shea Butter


Wellness Starter

Big Offer For You

Big Offer For You

Why is the Moisturizing Haitian Coffee Scrub so special?


• Made with simple, organic ingredients with no added fragrances or preservatives an allergen-free, clean body scrub that’s suitable for pregnant women!
• Gentle enough to exfoliate stretch marks during pregnancy and keep skin feeling softer and rejuvenated.
•By keeping the skin well-hydrated and nourished, this coffee scrub prevents scarring and helps keep the severity of stretch marks in check
• Leaves skin feeling thoroughly moisturized, supple, and glowing for hours after your shower.

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A body scrub and body butter in one! Scoop a small amount and gently massage it into wet skin in circular motions to sweep away dead skin and keep skin perfectly moisturized. Use bi-weekly for the best results.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Kim Miller

What is more important than heathy, soft, glowing skin, that’s has been my experience with this product.

Excellent product!

Exceeded my expectations! My first time using this product and I was truly amazed. My skin felt soft, silky, and moisturized. It truly smells like a cup of coffee with a hint of coconut.

Dana Chapman
Coffee Smooth

I love my smooth skin after using Coconut Rum Moisturizing Coffee Scrub! Then there is the bonus of the smell of coconut and coffee. It puts a smile on my face every time. On my last purchase, I bought a jar for a friend who loves coffee!

Kristen Z
Love this !

I use this everytime I shower. I love the smell and keeps my skin feeling soft and hydrated!

Love, love love

Amazing smell, feel and moisturizer!
I never run out!