Caribbean Spiced Cold Brew




Everyone is going crazy about cold brew these days!  Less acidic, Less bitter, smooth, and refreshing! We surely love a delicious cold brew, especially during the hot summer months! 

Our Caribbean spiced coffee also comes in filter bags. It makes the most delicious and flavorful cold brew in a few steps!

cold brew


Follow this recipe for the best cold brew ever!


Take the filter bag and place it in the jar. Then pour water over it. Use the spoon to fully submerge the coffee, and leave it in the fridge for 16-22 hours.

If you only leave it for 16 hours, you might not need to dilute with water.

For longer steeping, cutting it with cold water or milk is recommended.

After 22 hours, remove the filter bag, and add ice.

Add milk or water and sweeten to taste.

For a fun summer recipe, add a spoon of vanilla ice cream!