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Homemade Affogato

What's better than a cold coffee dessert? We loooove making affogatos! Pouring your favorite coffee over that creamy gelato ice cream with a little hint of caramel makes the most delicious dessert ever! 

Here's how we make our mouthwatering affogatos.


caribbrew's dark roast coffee


Ice cream (recommended: gelato in vanilla flavor with caramel swirls)

A nice cup

shredded coconut  and pirouline cookies for garnish

We prefer making our affogatos with our cold brew concentrate. You can also use an espresso shot. Personally, I think a shot of our cold brew concentrate tastes better. We used a 2:1 ratio of coffee to water and left it in the fridge for 18 hours. 

Once the concentrate is ready, you scoop out your ice cream, add it to a nice glass, then pour the cold brew concentrate on it.

Leave it for 5 minute so the cold brew can penetrate the ice cream. its sweetness will balance your coffee really well and make a coffee flavored cream around the glass.

Lastly, simmer shredded coconut on top and add your Pirouline cookie for garnish and enjoy! 

What an easy and simple indulgence!! Let us know how yours comes out! 






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