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How to prepare coffee without a coffee maker?

Coffee but no coffee maker? No problem! There are simple tips for making a good coffee without a machine.


Ingredients (for 1 mug or 2 cups)

• 1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee

• 1 coffee mug

• water (about 300 ml)

• 1 container

• What to filter: 1 coffee filter and/or 1 strainer



How to make coffee without a coffee maker: step by step


1. Setting up

Put the strainer over the container and cover it with the coffee filter. Place 1 or 2 tablespoons of ground coffee on the filter.


You can also use just a coffee filter. Place 1 teaspoon on the filter, secure it with an elastic band (or a string) on your cup.


2. Boil water (you can microwave it or use a kettle)


3. Making coffee


Pour the boiling water over the ground coffee into the container where the filter is installed. Pour it gently: this will allow a better impregnation of the water. You will get coffee just as good as that made with a coffee maker.


4. Finalization of the coffee

 Depending on your tastes: add a touch of milk to get latte coffee, pour a few ice cubes for an iced coffee or drink your coffee as is.


Tips for making coffee without a coffee maker


•To get better coffee: pour the water directly onto the ground coffee. Let macerate for a few minutes and then filter the coffee grounds.


•Choose your coffee well: a good quality coffee will always give your coffee a better taste. That’s why we sell freshly roasted coffee!


So no coffee maker, no panic, now you know what to do!


Your friends from Caribbrew,