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Red Velvet Haitian Hot Chocolate

Hello my Valentines! Wanted to share the Love union of two my favorites delicious treats, Red Velvet Cake and Haitian Hot Chocolate! Can you think of an even more perfect union?? Nope I can’t. Lets get into it!






½ a cup of organic whole milk

½ cup of organic half & half

2 table spoons of Caribbrew Haitian Hot Chocolate

1 table spoon of red velvet cake batter

1 shot of cream liqueur

*Optional- 3 drops of red food coloring

*Optional- top with your favorite red velvet cookie or whipped cream


I used the combination of whole organic milk and organic half and half to give it the perfect creamy and rich consistency. 

For the hot chocolate, I used Caribbrew Haitian Hot Chocolate. Its packed with Haitian Cocoa, cinnamon, and anise to give it a flavorful, aromatic, and the perfect blend of sweetness and spice I was looking for.

For the red velvet flavor,  add a couple tablespoons of red velvet cake mix! 


TIP: Use a whisk, it helps combine all the ingredients perfectly, while keeping the mix nice and creamy!


Add all the ingredients to a sauce pan, on low heat and whisk away until it’s  velvety and smooth. 

For the emphasis of the traditional red velvet color, add a few drops of red food coloring but this is  completely optional.

So you can see the beautiful rich color of the red velvet hot chocolate, pour into a heat resistant glass mug.

To spike this decadent treat in a cup, add a shot (or two) of your favorite cream liqueur.


Top with your favorite red velvet cookie or some whipped cream.

This Red Velvet Haitian Hot Chocolate is the  perfect warm Love treat to enjoy on a cold winter day. Enjoy!


Picture credit: @theemmarose 


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