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Dark Roast Kcups - Caribbrew
Dark Roast Kcups - Caribbrew
Dark Roast Kcups - Caribbrew

Dark Roast Kcups

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*We are shipping the 2nd week of June 2021*

Our dark roast is available in Kcups for your convenience. 

Our coffee is grown at over 4000 feet in the mountains of Haiti. Each beans are carefully handpicked then roasted in small batches for the perfect cup.

We proudly serve this single origin coffee from Thiotte, a mountainous town in the south of Haiti. This coffee has subtle notes of chocolate, low in acidity, full bodied, and nutty. It is quite a delight! 


Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Love, love love!!!

I'm so happy that this coffee is available! I am probably drinking to much coffee daily, but I don't care cause it's coffee from home!

Autherine Burleson
Old splattering

Good day. I apologize for the tardy response, as I've been away and unable to try my K-cups until now. I want to inform you that I am pretty sure, about 99% sure that the cups dark roast cups I received were stale. My Keurig is brand new. The coffee started spewing out all over the place. I was truly hoping I'd found a coffee supplier who looked like me that I could trust to purchase any kind of coffee from (cups, beans, ground). Very disappointing. The cup tops are flat which is another indication of old k-cups. I appreciate your attention to this review and look forward to you making the proper changes for your customers or someone like me who wanted to try Caribbrew out. Blessings!

Elie Jeancide
Great coffee

Smooth coffee. Taste great. It's in my top three.

Donnafaye Moss
Great taste

Enjoyed and passed on to all. Thankyou for the quick delivery!!

Gerald Jackson
Good coffee, bad kcup

While the coffee is good, wish it were a bit stronger; tastes more like a medium than a dark roast. The real problem I have is the k-cups are not Keurig 2.0 compatible. Now, in your defense, you did provide a plastic filter that I can dump the coffee into and use it that way. However, considering how long this version of Keurig has been out, that's a less than optimal solution. I'm guessing there must be a cost issue. Also, the packaging that the cups comes in is very flimsy and one of the boxes collapsed during shipping and I had to fish the coffee out of the box it was packed in. I think a couple of small pieces of strategically placed tape - one inside on the bottom to keep it from collapsing and one on top to keep it closed - will solve the problem. I will probably order it again despite the flaws.