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  • Single Origin and low acid coffee
  • Grown in the sun-drenched mountains of Thiotte, Haiti
  • Handpicked by skilled harvesters
  • Small batch roasted for maximum aroma and flavor
  • Non GMO, No additive. Chemical-Free, Direct Trade
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Specialty Coffee

From the lush mountainous region of Thiotte, this coffee is unique in flavors, low in acid, bold, and smooth! We roast in house in small batches to ensure freshness and quality!

Better for You

Organic methods - Stomach-Friendly
Our farmers use organic manure instead of chemical fertilizers. Our coffee is shade-grown at high elevation, yielding a low  acid, stomach-friendly coffee!

100% satisfaction guaranteed

From growing the beans to handpicking them, and roasting in small batches, we prioritize quality. 100% satisfaction from taste to customer service!

Direct trade

Nothing better than coffee that gives back! Caribbrew purchases directly from 3000 small-scale farmers, no middleman, ensuring farmers earn fairly. Now that's some good coffee!

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Over 20,000+ satisfied customers