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Social impact

From sourcing directly from farmers and supporting not for profits with the aim of elevating minority youth, we are more than coffee or chocolate brand, we are on mission to create equal opportunities! Family-owned, black owned from farmers to roaster

Caribbrew partners with over 1000 coffee farmers and 3000 cacao farmers through cooperatives such as COOPCAB and FECCANO in the south-east and northern region of Haiti. Haitian coffee was once known as one of the best in the world and Haiti was a major producer on the
global market, producing a third of the world’s consumption in the 1960s. Then embargoes, years of dictatorship, political instability, and natural catastrophes have steeply decreased our production.

By working with cooperatives, we create more demand for quality Arabica beans from Haiti while stabilizing the price per pound. The farmers are getting a fairer price for their coffee and the premium is
reinvested in the farm and the production facilities to ensure the quality of the beans, to increase production yield year over year, and to pay for farmer’s education on sustainable farming practices. Our chocolate also comes from Cooperatives, which ensured excellent crop quality and a fair value. We team up with cooperatives who sell fermented cocoa and source directly from them instead of a long list of intermediaries or brokers who take their cut on each pound, diluting the percentage that each farmer gets. Beside the farmers, Caribbrew hires young adult in Port-au-Prince to process the beans and get them ready for exportation, creating more opportunities throughout the supply chain.

We partner with people who share our vision and focus on quality and traceability.


Haiti has less than 1% of its original forest!

Beyond purchasing the beans, we sponsor trainings on better farming practices and reforestation efforts to support our environmental impact.


Here in the United States, we are based in Newark, NJ where we hire locals who take care of orders fulfilment and production of our coffee-based skincare products.

We are committed to fair business partnerships. The decisions you make every day about your purchases can make a fair and dignified income possible for Haitis coffee and cacao growers

Caribbrew partner

Caribbrew partners with a local non-profit in Newark New Jersey that helps..

About us

Caribbrew is a woman founded and black owned company focusing on creating opportunities by partnering directly with coffee and cacao farmers in Haiti.

We are based in New Jersey, where we hire locals who handle orders fulfilment and production of our coffee-based skincare products. Fun facts: started in 2018 Started with coffee and launched chocolate in 2020 80% of our workforce is women Family-owned, black owned from farmers to roaster Work directly with farmers Haiti to source our coffee and cacao. Read about our Impact

Not for profit we support: Kismet of Kings and the Academy 365, two organizations whose goal is to educate young black boys from disadvantaged areas in NJ.


Nothing better than coffee that makes a difference. Caribbrew only purchases directly from farmers in Haiti and doesn’t use any middlemen.

Premium Arabica beans

Shade grown at high elevation and chemical- free. Our coffee is handpicked by Haitian farmers and meticulously roasted in small batches.

Exceptional Service

We strive to provide you with a great product, carefully presented, at an affordable price with excellent customer service. Thank you for your support! Alaso!

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We pride ourselves in providing the best service to our customers, retail and wholesale. We deliver to coffee shops, specialty retail stores, subscription boxes, non-profit organizations and more. Whatever you need we can work with you


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