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5 lbs Premium  Haitian Lou - Caribbrew 5 lbs Premium  Haitian Coffee - Caribbrew
5 lbs Premium  Haitian Lou - Caribbrew 5 lbs Premium  Haitian Coffee - Caribbrew

Premium Haitian Coffee 5 lbs

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Love our coffee, get the 5-pound bag! Get it in beans and grind your coffee when you need. Want it ground? We also have you covered! 

Roasts and flavors

  • Our Medium Dark roast is a well-balanced coffee with hints of chocolate and a nutty undertone.
  • Our dark roast is robust yet smooth, less acidic, and has no bitter aftertaste.
  • Our spiced coffee is a delicious blend of our dark roast Haitian coffee and cinnamon spice. It has a sweet aroma and the boldness of our dark roast. 

Whichever roast you choose, you can't go wrong with Caribbrew.

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We ship first class under 1 lb and priority mail over 1 lb with the post office. 

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About Caribbrew

We are dedicated to providing the finest shade grown, chemical-free Arabica coffee. Our coffee is grown by small scale farmers in Haiti and freshly roasted. Our coffee is made of the best Arabica Beans, strong full of flavor and with very little acidity. 

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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Orders within the United States usually arrive between 3 to 5 days. Please keep in mind that Federal Holidays and COVID-19 can cause delay the ETA.

Rush orders: Can I pay for next day shipping?

Yes, you can. You can pay for next day delivery, but please email us, so we make sure your order gets out asap.

Delayed shipping, wrong address, wrong order, and missing item

Please contact us if any of these occur. Our team will be more than happy to assist

Is the coffee organic?

Although the coffee is grown organically, we are in the process of getting our USDA organic certification before we can make the claim


Thiotte, South East of Haiti


5,000 small-scale coffee farmers


Approximately 40 percent are women




5200-6000 feet


September - February



Medium And Dark

Tasting Notes: Low acidity, full bodied, tangy, nutty

Caribbean Spiced

Tasting Notes: Low acidity, full bodied, sweet, liquorish

Brew Method

French press, pour over, cold brew grind it finer for espresso

A Message From Our Founder

Check out this video, and get to know us. When you choose Caribbrew, you can feel good about making a difference because you really are!

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Customer reviews

This is the most amazing thing I have ever put on my body! The level of cleanliness and moisturization is top notch to any product I have ever used!

The scrub smells divine as it promises. It feels like I am indulging at home, as if I were in a spa, in my bathtub, using this scrub. I will definitely be purchasing it again!

I am a huge fan of this coffee! I just made my second purchase. You can say you love a product all day but if you’re not buying it, you’re just making noise!

This coffee just helped me fall in love further more with my Haitian heritage! I had my parents tried it, and they said it reminded them of their childhood in Haiti! I am so happy to support this brand!

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Customer Reviews

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Marie Y

I really like Caribbrew because it’s smooth and strong. Am a devoted coffee drinker. I drink coffee any time of the day. I have tried different brands and this is it. I enjoy and take pleasure in drinking Caribbrew.

Pleased Customer

Loved this coffee so much I had to stop playing around and got the 5lb bag. Now I'm good for a WHILE. GREAT coffee + Helping my People = Win, Win.

Anne Brown
Love this coffee

We are delighted to support Caribbrew and their Haitian growers.

Steven Daniels

I enjoy this medium roast, and the large size works well for my lake place

Markus Schwartz
My favorite coffee

CariBBrew coffee beans are the highest quality, a true taste of Haiti, and I admire their business model as well. If you have never tried Haitian coffee, you are in for a treat! Easily competes with the most high-end gourmet beans from other more well-known sources. Support local businesses, support Black-Owned businesses. Lakay se lakay! Excellent customer service as well.